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05 February 2006 @ 01:26 pm
it's sunday. i have the day off. nothing really to do. lost another pound. going to the gym tomorrow. hopefully i'll lose some more next week.

saw Juanes last Thursday. it was fun, and we played some slots after the concert (it was at a casino). Lost about 5 bux. Oh well. We didn't know what we were doing anyhow. It's just practice for Vegas I guess. :)
02 February 2006 @ 09:13 am
I'm going to see Juanes tonight! Yay!
29 January 2006 @ 10:23 pm
I learned how to make chicken mole enchiladas. Mole as in the spicy mexican sauce made w/ chiles and chocolate. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and I turned out pretty well. But also after eating 3 enchilada's I read that two tablespoons of mole has 150 calories, and I probably put about 1/4 cup of sauce on the damn things. Ugh. That was just Saturday. Today, I made fried rice w/ teriyaki chicken wings. At least I baked the wings. But I really doubt that helped much. Tomorrow, I'm back to counting my calories and hopefully Adolfo won't be around and I can go to the gym or at least get a good walk to the lake.

4 days to Juanes!
41 days til my birthday!
Vegas in July!

Guilty pleasure:
Watching Flavor of Love on VH1. I must make icons of it.
27 January 2006 @ 02:54 am
Coolest shit ever. Check out Hadoken! and if you likey, check out E.M.C. Monkeys
23 January 2006 @ 09:21 pm
I work at an answering service for doctors. This is a conversation I had w/ one of our doc's tonight. He's a psychiatrist too.

me: ...and her phone number is 555-9009
dr: ...that's an interesting number. I got it. 555-9009. You know if you turned the 9's the otherway around, it would spell "poop". (chuckles to himself)
me: ...(nervous laugh)...uh(uncomfortable pause)...I guess so

13 January 2006 @ 07:42 pm

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12 January 2006 @ 11:22 pm

Originally uploaded by stellachan.
I am obsessed. For some reason the animation isn't working. But it is animated.
07 January 2006 @ 11:08 pm

Originally uploaded by stellachan.
I think the same thing
07 January 2006 @ 10:18 pm
Its the end of the first week of 2006. I haven't stuck to my New Year's Resolutions at all. Well I have 358 days to go. Hope everyone had a safe and happy one. I did.
26 December 2005 @ 04:19 pm
I think its only useful that I give a proper update. I don't know what to put in it though. Nothing is up. My whole family is sick and it is the day after Xmas. I'm watching Oprah for the first time in years and I get Michael Jordan. Bleh. Nothing special. I got pretty new Reebok sneakers for xmas from my Husband. They are white w/ some pink trim. Very cute. A little tight so I have go sockless. But I needed new sneaks.